Farmàcia Tres

"Farmàcia Tres are health professionals who aim to cooperate with our costumerse with our costumers to get the maximum benefits of health and wellness through the medicines, services and/or products we provide"


Farmàcia Tres was opened on October 19, 2009 in Cervelló.


Its roots go back to 1996 when the pharmacist Olga Tres Oliver, who exercides her profession since 1984, requested a license to open a new pharmacy in the basic area of Cervelló and Vallirana. The proceeding of this authoritzation was dilayed until 2009.

Then she established there a pharmacy in order to provide a space for personal health and wellness, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of disease and development of health and quality of life.


This is the commitment of the entire team of pharmacists and technicians wich is encouraged by the leadership by supporting continuos professional development, the use of robotics in the storage of medicines and the use of communication technologies.


Thus we offer individualized attention, covering your needs at each of the different areas of health and wellness, not to mention that you are unique and that fact has an impact on many other aspects of your persona.


Therefore, we ask: 

" Let us take care of you "